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030.JPGFocusing as she paints, senior Skye Rickey works on the project she calls “A Brain Fart” or “Vomit of the Mind,”  in Dr. Jackson’s seventh hour Advanced Art class. Rickey said she gets her inspiration from artists like Kat Von D and Alister Dippner and that her favorite thing to paint is creepy and dark figures, especially skulls. “Art is like breathing," Rickey said. "I do it every day and if I don’t, then I feel sad."

Photo by Gabrielle Caminiti.

Warming up, senior varsity basketball player Josh Dierking takes a practice shot during the warmup before the Courtwarming game Jan. 6. Dierking said all of the team members are friends and that those friendships help them work well together on the court. “The best part is getting to practice and hang out with my teammates,” Dierking said.

Photo by Kate Feddersen

337.5.jpgA candidate on the court, senior Hunter Richardson looks for an opening at the Courtwarming basketball game against Hillsboro Jan. 6th. He has been playing basketball since fourth grade and has participated all four years of high school. Richardson is currently a guard on varsity basketball. “I take care of the ball and try to create shots for teammates,” he said. Richardson said he enjoyed serving on the Courtwarming Court. “It was a good time,” he said, “I really enjoyed getting to spend time with the other candidates.”

Photo by Kate Feddersen

Smiling at his victory, junior Clay Banderman laughs after he shoved a pie into teacher Ted Brinker’s face. On Jan. 6, students were pitted against teachers for a spiced up version of musical chairs. The person last holding the pie after the music stopped could propel a pie into the face of either person at their side. This was a part of many other Courtwarming festivities that took place during the pep assembly. “It was pretty fun. He had it comin’ to him,” Banderman said.  

Photo by Jacklyn Reitz


Cheerleaders spread school spirit at the Courtwarming pep assembly Jan. 6.

“It’s really fun to get the crowd cheering,” said sophomore Allison Lemke, top left. The cheerleaders were part of an exciting assembly complete with games and activities to boost morale before the Courtwarming game that evening.

Photo by Desirae Turner

Jack 637.JPGSporting a huge grin, Katelyn Clements is lifted up in the air in a cheerleading stunt. On Jan. 6 the cheerleaders put on a performance for the students as part of the Courtwarming pep assembly. “Being in the air and having the whole school looking at me as a flyer is the best feeling,” Clements said.

Photo by Jacklyn Reitz

Pumping up the crowd, the cheerleaders got the fans excited during the Sept. 30 Homecoming game against the Hermann Bearcats. Sophomore Kristen Moore, who has been involved in cheerleading since she was in fifth grade, said, “My favorite part of homecoming was the parade. Seeing all the happy faces on the kids as they wave and scream saying ‘hey, that’s the cheerleaders.’” Moore said that cheerleading is an important part of high school for her. “Keeping me busy... it takes my mind off of drama and stress. It makes me happy.”

Photo by Samantha Kirk


The 2016 Homecoming king candidates stand anxiously on the football field as they are told to close their eyes and hold hands just before getting water dumped on them by the Homecoming queen candidates during the Sept. 16 pep assembly. Senior Riley Girardier, fourth from right, said he knew something was up and that it seemed “fishy.” The Homecoming coronation was held later that night during half-time at the football game, where Girardier was ultimately crowned Homecoming King. “It was a really awesome experience to be chosen by the entire school and everything,” Girardier said.

Photo by Samantha Kirk

Leading the band onto the field for their pregame performance, drum major Bella Lipschitze prepares to conduct the band in the National Anthem and the SCHS Fight Song. The sophomore went on to lead the band in "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" during the half time show Sep. 30. “I was a little bit nervous,” Lipschitze said. "but ultimately I was excited to be with the band.”

Photo by Samantha Kirk


Making the tackle, senior Anna Merseal waved junior Megan Hinson’s flag for Coach Robbins to see after “tackling” the underclassman to end the play at the Powderpuff football game Sept. 28. The Class of 2017 won the game for the second consecutive year after beating last year’s seniors in the annual match-up. “I think that’s really cool and it doesn’t happen very often which makes it that much more special,” Merseal said.

Photo by Jacklyn Reitz


Junior saxophonist Carly Fenton put on her game while marching in the Homecoming parade, Sept. 29. “We were marching and I saw this little boy… The drummers were playing cadence and he was pretending to drum along… he had the biggest smile on his face,” Fenton said.

Photo by Jacklyn Reitz


Searching the gym, sophomore Seth Hinson works hard to proudly represent his sophomore class in a scavenger hunt at the pep assembly Sept. 2. Players had to bring what they were instructed to find back to their chair, with one chair being removed every round. “I was very confused when we were told to find a Hinson,” Hinson said. “I didn’t know if I could count myself.” Advancing through every round, Hinson went on to win the entire game.

Photo by Jacklyn Reitz

Cheering on her fellow bulldogs, senior Raven Ritrovato tried to pep up the crowd with the cheer “Go, Bulldogs!” Ritrovato said that her favorite part of homecoming was the parade because she enjoys “seeing all the kids who want to see you and the football players.”

Photo by Samantha Kirk

JV VS Pacific 026.JPGWatching the win, the JV football team plays Pacific starting their second game of the year, Sept. 17. Sophomore Jacob Hawkins watched from the sideline, waiting to play. “Watching my team play makes me feel like I’m part of something important," Hawkins said. The Bulldogs won their game with a score of 20-14.

Photo by Gabrielle Caminiti


Enjoying the game, drum majors Emily Hansel (senior) and Bella Lipschitze (sophomore), and Kris Hogue (senior) pose for a picture at a football game. On Sept.. 2 the band went on to perform their halftime show successfully and the football team won, beating Pacific 40-20. “I always have a really good time with the band at football game,” Lipschitze said, “I feel like I belong.”

Photo by Jacklyn Reitz

Copy of 767.JPG

Standing in the moment, sophomore Chloe Sinklear waits to get the command to begin her halftime show performance.  Sinklear and her fellow Marching Bulldogs perform their routine themed “Johnny Comes Marching Home” at the Sept. 2 football game against the Pacific Indians. “I love guard and this year especially because we all feel like a family and feel good when we perform,” Sinklear said. “Performing gives me a rush and I want this season to be better than past seasons because I want to continue to bring home wins and get closer as a family.”

Photo by Samantha Kirk


Hitting the crowd, sophomore flyer Allison Lemke is lifted into an extension at a home football game. Her favorite part of cheerleading is building because “it’s different, and there aren’t a lot of sports that do it.” Sophomore Shae Crays acts as Lemke's back spot, lifting up on her ankles to take some weight from the bases. “I've been a cheerleader since first grade,” said Crays. “It’s like second nature.”

Photo by Samantha Kirk


Focused and determined, junior Kate George relays what’s going through her mind while pitching, “I think about what I need to do to get this girl out,” George said. To prepare herself before a game George warms up with her catcher and stays hydrated. She said her favorite part of being a pitcher is being in control of the game. She’s been pitching for 10 years now and said it all started because no one else wanted to do it. All of her hard work and dedication pays off for George after she strikes the batter out.

Photo by Gabrielle Caminiti

Bulldogs Win Over Pacific Indians in Sept. 2 Game


Team captains for both the St.Clair Bulldogs and Pacific Indians go to the center field to challenge each other for the winning side of the coin toss at the game Sept. 2. After playing all four years of high school football, Captain Derrick Dell, number 44 said, “It’s an honor to play with this team. The offensive line worked their butts off all summer. They understood what they needed to do.” The team fought hard and overcame any challenges Pacific threw at them to win with a major lead of 40-20.  Photo by Jacklyn Reitz.

Students Check Out a Worm's Many Parts in Lab

Students in biology teacher Carina Gurnow's class work diligently to dissect and examine an earthworm for their lab Aug. 30. “This was the first official lab of the year,” said Gurnow. “By doing these labs it helps recall and reaffirm notes. The students get a feel for the physical characteristics of life.” Gurnow said the students responded positively to the lab, with one student even saying, “I didn’t know a worm had that many parts.”  Photo by Samantha Kirk


St. Clair High School (SCHS) students take part in their first pep rally of the year Aug. 26 by playing a game with basketballs in order to test their ability to work as a team. Junior Brett Kitson volunteered to lead his group in the activity. “Pep rallies are fun… I enjoy volunteering (for activities),” he said. Anna Trautmann, a math teacher at SCHS, watched from the sidelines. “Those were some brave students doing silly stuff for fun in front of the whole school,” she said.

Photo by Miranda Hicks

The AFJROTC Color Guard presents the flags for St. Clair High School's (SCHS) fall sports pep assembly. "I always feel so accomplished after presenting," senior Alexis Turley (second from right) said. "It's such a special feeling because not everyone gets that honor." On Aug. 26, the JROTC Color Guard not only presented the flags at the pep assembly but also at the second football game of the season.

Photo by Jacklyn Reitz


Administrators Enjoy Some Fresh Pie

unnamed (8).jpg

Cleaning up after getting pie thrown in their faces, (from left) St. Clair R-13 School District Superintendent Michael Murphy, St. Clair High School Assistant Principal Jeff Hamlett and Athletic Director Shaun Fanger all took the pie for a good cause. The student from each grade who donated the most canned food items during the Student Council’s canned food drive in December got to do the honors during the Feb. 5 Courtwarming Assembly.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Caminiti  

unnamed (7).jpg

Students at the St. Clair High School Courtwarming Assembly watch as their principals and

superintendent get pied in the face by students at the Feb. 5 pep rally.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Caminiti

Conference Choir Performs at Two Venues

The 2016 St.Clair Conference Choir members traveled to New Haven and Union to perform an array of prepared music by director Tim Arnold Feb. 16. Approximately 100 singers from six different schools; New Haven, Union, St. James, Sullivan, Owensville and St.Clair practiced all day Feb. 13 to deliver a show-stopping performance on Tuesday. Back row, from left sophomore Brendon Sanders, senior Ben Kingston, freshmen Seth Hinson and Jarod Disbrow and junior Logan Beste. Second row, from left sophomore Andrea Baker, senior Toby Hemker, sophomore Morgan Puffer, juniors Ben Aguirre, Kate Feddersen and Nissa Krier and senior Shayla Hinson. Front row, from left sophomore Zach White, senior Jimmy Wright, Conference Choir Director Tim Arnold, St. Clair High School vocal music teacher Christy Gentili and senior Aaleyah Santiago.

Submitted photo

Preparing to Compete

Senior Lindsy Barns smiles while performing a lyrical piece Feb. 4 with the St. Clair High School (SCHS) Winter Guard. The team practiced their routines during a Parent Preview to prepare themselves for their first competition of the year two days later.  Barns, captain of the Winter Guard team said, “This season I expect my girls to have fun and not to take it as serious as someone else would. Winter Guard can help with lessons in life. It teaches true family, leadership and knowing right from wrong. I expect them to treat it like a milestone in life.” Barns has been in Winter Guard since freshman year. “Freshman year I wasn’t going to do Winter Guard, but I wanted to follow my passion. I did all of the fundraisers and paid the expenses,” Barns said. “Sophomore year I wanted to become the leader of Guard and I learned many things. Being a leader in Winter Guard has taught me that you can’t have fits. You have to be patient and humble.”   
Photo Credit: Hanna Willis

Psych Club Lends a Helping Hand
St. Clair High School Psychology Club members and their sponsor, Dawn Campbell, took a trip
to St. Patrick Center in St. Louis Feb. 1. St. Patrick Center is a non-profit agency for homeless or almost homeless individuals, offering housing, employment opportunities and health services.
They operate a non-profit café where clients can get training for future employment. “It was really eye-opening,” said (far left) junior Kate Feddersen of her experience at the Center. “One of their slogans is ‘It’s a hand up not a hand out,’ because they help clients get experience so they can
get jobs, become self sufficient and not live in shelters.”  From left, juniors Kate Feddersen, Alexis Turley, club sponsor Dawn Campbell, junior Meggan Harman, seniors Emily Johnson, Caitlin Lewis, Mary York, Cali Boyd, Tori Cordia, junior Haley Krouper and senior Laina Powell. In front left, junior Aliyah Bender.                         
Submitted Photo


Students from the SCHS Psychology Club sort donations to be given to clients at St. Patrick Center in St. Louis.  While there Feb. 1, the students toured the facility, talked to one of the case workers charged with helping clients get back on their feet, volunteered in the donations center, and ate lunch at the facility’s client-run café. “We got to learn about what they do for the community, how they reach out to people and the services they provide,” said senior Tori Cordia. “I liked being able to help.” From left, seniors Emily Johnson, Mary York, Cordia and Laina Powell.

Submitted Photo

Link Leaders Treat Freshmen to 
Hot Chocolate Social Jan. 14


Enjoying some hot chocolate, (left) senior Stephen George and junior Ethan Barkhurst socialize with freshmen at the Link Leaders’ Hot Chocolate Social in the cafeteria Jan. 14. The Link Leaders hosted the first-ever Hot Chocolate Social as a way to spend some time with their freshman Link Crews. ‘I love the interaction with the freshmen,” said Barkhurst. “I truly love this program and how it helps the incoming students adjust to the environment in high school.

Photo Credit: Rileigh Cassimatis

unnamed (1).jpg


Getting to spend time with members of the freshman class, junior Noah Cohen (center) talks to (left) Seth Hinson and Trey Wideman at the first Hot Chocolate Social hosted by the third generation of Link Leaders. The Leaders invited all freshmen to the cafeteria Jan. 14 to share some free hot chocolate with them while spending time visiting. “Seth is the happiest freshman I’ve ever met, and he ran cross country with me. Trey is kind of shy, but I feel like I’ve gotten to know him pretty well,” Cohen said. The Link Leader program is a freshman transition program designed to help freshmen ease into high school with the support of upperclassmen.

Photo Credit: Rileigh Cassimatis

unnamed (2).jpg

Taking the time to get to know some freshmen better, juniors (left) Hanna Willis and Rebecca Robison enjoy the Hot Chocolate Social hosted by the Link Leaders. This is the first year Willis and Robison have served as Link Leaders. The program, in its third year, trains upperclassmen to help freshmen transition into high school and to serve as a support system for the new high school students. “It’s [the Link Leader program] taught me to be a leader and to help those younger classmen get through their first year of high school,” Willis said.

Photo Credit: Rileigh Cassimatis

Trap Team Celebrates End of Season

unnamed (4).jpg

Celebrating the end of the competitive shooting season, members of the St. Clair High School Trap Team take aim and fire at a clay bird during the team’s end-of-the-year party in December. From left, sophomores Sam Brown and Willy Ziegler and junior Shawn O’Daniel took part in the festivities by competing against each other in a shooting game. “I like going out there, getting more practice in and becoming better,” O’Daniel said. He plans on being part of the team again next year saying, “You’ve got to do what you’re good at and I’m pretty good at that.”

Photo Credit: Kate Feddersen

Jackson Conducts Band During Assembly

unnamed (10).jpg

Conducting the St. Clair High School band during the annual Veteran’s Day Assembly Nov. 11, Andrew Jackson leads his musicians through the National Anthem.

Photo Credit: Jacklyn Reitz

Chemistry Lab Keeps Students Focused

unnamed (3).jpg

Gazing at the flame ahead of them, lab partners Kindra Ritter, 11, and Kyle Walters, 12, compare chemical and physical changes in their chemistry lab in Dr. Cathy Robertson’s 7th hour chemistry class. Ritter said she had worries about the lab. “I thought I was not only going to singe off my hair but also my lab partner’s,” Ritter said.

Photo Credit: Desirae Turner

Softball Team Wears Pink in Game, 

Players Support Cancer Awareness

unnamed (9).jpg

The St. Clair High School softball team may be losing their game against Salem, but freshman player Jordan Stulce has yet to give up. She and her teammates wore pink to support breast cancer awareness in their Sept. 28 game.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Caminiti

AFJROTC Cadets Lead Homecoming Parade

unnamed (13).jpg

Marching through the streets, the St. Clair High School Air Force JROTC leads the 2015 Homecoming parade Sept. 18 through the high school campus to raise the Bulldog spirits

before the big game.

Photo Credit: Andrea Baker

Juniors Win the Powderpuff Title

unnamed (12).jpg

After winning the Sept. 16 Homecoming Powderpuff game against the seniors,  juniors (from left) Kindra Ritter, Gabrielle Caminiti, Kate Feddersen and Bethany Teems pose for a picture while showing off their class spirit with a handmade sign.

Photo Credit: Miranda Hicks